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Welcome to Bangor Evidence Synthesis Hub (BESH)

BESH is a multidisciplinary network which aims to bring together people with an interest in developing and using evidence synthesis methods in different inter-disciplinary contexts and is part of the Bangor Institute of Health and Medical Research (BIHMR).

BESH is facilitated by a core group interested in developing research capacity within Bangor which is particularly focused on evidence synthesis methodology. BESH members are people who are passionate about conducting evidence synthesis in any discipline.

BESH current members come from across the University, including the School of Healthcare Sciences, the North Wales Centre for Primary Care Research, and the Centre for Evidence-based Conservation, and we welcome new members from any disciplines interested in evidence review methodologies.

We are particularly interested in the:

  • Application of review methods and processes to different and interdependent contexts such as health, social care, environment, conservation
  • Methodological challenges of organising, synthesising and integrating different sources of evidence
  • Bringing people with different perspectives together provides a unique opportunity for promoting collaboration, sharing expertise, and enhancing understanding of methodological issues.

By harnessing the interdisciplinary review expertise, the group aims to develop:

  • research bids for high quality external funding sources
  • capacity building in evidence synthesis within Bangor University
  • interdisciplinary collaborative work
  • implementation of evidence synthesis into practice
  • evidence synthesis related methodology

Core group members:

  • commit the time to be involved and contribute to the group’s core actively
  • contribute to methodological discussions at bi-annual meetings
  • help the group achieve its purpose
  • provide a bridge between BESH and their own discipline/group

As well as the core group, BESH also maintains an e-mail list to notify anyone who is interested in any seminars, workshops or courses relating to evidence synthesis that we run.

If you would like to join the group or the mailing list please contact us with the details below.

Organisational Group


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